Cylinder Manuafacturing

The process of manufacturing starts with a thorough analysis of your existing specifications, available working drawings or existing component. We communicate with your technical personnel to verify adequacy of existing designs. Your input is blended with our expertise and we can arrive at a final product specification to best meet your requirements. Upon agreement of design, we will formulate a quotation along with lead time to delivery.


HSM has exceptional machining capability; from small parts to large parts, one oft to medium volume; our diverse manual and CNC machines are capable of getting the job done. Repeatable and consistent machining provides superior quality components to ensure a safe and quality product, delivered on-time.


At HSM welding is not only a core competency, it is vital to the successful operation of our cylinders. In order to provide a consistent and high quality product to you, our customer, our certified welders utilize a combination of our welding machines and equipment to fabricate your custom cylinder. All of our welders and weld processes are certified to AWS standards. With our industry focused welding capabilities and team, HSM is able to meet all of your application needs.